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JEH President's Message

What has NEHA’s President been writing about? Check out his/her columns below!

Bob Custard, REHS, CP-FS  

July/August 2015:
Imagining the New NEHA


Bob Custard,

Carolyn Hester Harvey, PhD, CIH, RS, DAAS, CHMM

June 2015:
Closing Thoughts and the Road Forward

May 2015:
NEHA Has a New Executive Director

April 2015:
NEHA Is a Volunteer Organization

March 2015:
The NEHA 2015 AEC … So Much More Than a Conference

January/February 2015:
New Year’s Resolution: Get to Know Chikungunya

December 2014:
Prestigious Recognition for Environmental Health Professionals

November 2014:
The Importance of Being Credentialed

October 2014:
A Joe Beck Story to Tell

September 2014:
Back From the AEC and in Search of the New NEHA Executive Director

July/August 2014:
Opportunity to Forge a New Direction


Carolyn Hester Harvey, PhD, CIH, RS, DAAS, CHMM

Alicia Enriquez Collins, REHS

June 2014:
Where Everybody Knows Your Name

May 2014:
What It Means

April 2014:
Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

March 2014:
The World is in Our Hands

January/February 2014:
Limbo: Straddling the Present and Future

December 2013:
Vape Me Out to the Ball Game!

November 2013:
Membership With Benefits: Opportunities for Professional Growth

October 2013:
Moving Forward Through Collaboration, Coordination, and Communication

September 2013:
An Evolution of Environmental Health: NEHA Adapts and Embraces Change

July/August 2013:
Build Your Network With NEHA, 5,000 Strong


Alicia Enriquez Collins,

Brian Collins, MS, REHS, DAAS

June 2013:
“It’s All About Giving Back”—a Toast to the Board!

May 2013:
See You At The AEC!: C U P2P @ AEC #77!

April 2013:
Tell Me—What Do You Do?

March 2013:

January/February 2013:
Lessons Learned for Future Leaders

December 2012:
NEHA Chooses to Lead

November 2012:
Crisis Communication: Apocalypse Now or Apocalypse Not

October 2012:
Networking and the Power of Being Connected

September 2012: 
Ethics and Integrity: Capstone Professional Tools

July/August 2012: 
“It’s All About Giving Back”


Brian Collins,

Mel Knight, REHS

June 2012: 
The Curation* of Environmental Health Data

May 2012: 
A Call for the Initiation of a National Environmental Health Network

April 2012: 
Program Resources—How Much Is Enough? Building the Case for Environmental Health Program Credibility

March 2012: 
Technical Advisors Serving the Profession

January/February 2012: 
NEHA's International Vision: Environmental Health Knows No Borders or Boundaries

December 2011: 
Environmental Health Programs Under Fire

November 2011: 
Pay It Forward . . .

October 2011: 
Doing More With Less— the New Normal? A Challenge and an Opportunity

September 2011: 
Conference Attendance and Networking Can Be Your Wisest Investment

July/August 2011: 
Mel Knight, REHS — An introduction


Mel Knight,


Keith L. Krinn, RS, MA, DAAS, CPHA

June 2011:

The Swan Song

May 2011:
Information Overload in Our Polarized Society

April 2011:
Columbus Beckons!

March 2011:
Lemonade in the new normal

January/February 2011:
What is Professionalism?

December 2010:
NEHA’s International Perspective

November 2010:
Bunnies, Bed Bugs, and Blackberries

October 2010:
I Love College

September 2010:
AuSable River Musings

July/August 2010: 
Introduction to "The" Keith 101


Keith L. Krinn,

Welford C. Roberts, PhD, RS, REHS, DAAS

June 2010:
Amicus Humani Generis and a Year Too Fast

May 2010:
Some Thoughts About the Future of Environmental Health

April 2010: 
Mentoring: How You Can Touch and Shape the Future of Environmental Health

March 2010: 
NEHA's National Presence

January/February 2010: 
Environmental Health and Public Health are Important to Health Care Reform

December 2009:
The State of Communication and Its Relevance to Environmental Health

November 2009: 
The Environmental Health Industry: Salute to the Private Sector

October 2009: 
Diversity in the Environmental Health Workforce

September 2009: 
The Environmental Health Workforce - NEHA's Workforce Development Committee

July/August 2009:
From the New NEHA President


Welford C. Roberts,

Dick Pantages, REHS

June 2009: 

May 2009:
Ol’ Man River...Must Have Been an Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian

April 2009:
President Obama's Inaugural Address and NEHA

March 2009: 
Geometry 101: The Equilateral Triangle

January/February 2009: 
The Halftime Show

December 2008: 
A Fairy Tale—Or is it?

November 2008: 
Who Are They? What Do They Do? How Do I Get There?

October 2008: 
NEHA’s Strategic Thinking and Why I’m Smiling in Spite of All the Reported “Doom & Gloom”

September 2008: 
What's in it for Me?

July/August 2008: 
Who is He? What is He Doing Here?


Dick Pantages,

Rob Blake, MPH, REHS

June 2008:
Environmental Health Marketing: Momentum, Synergy, and Future Steps

May 2008:
Environmental Health and Public Health—The Same but Different

April 2008:
Remarriage of Environmental Health and Environmental Protection

March 2008: 
The Problem of Invisibility—Fees Edition

January/February 2008:
Getting Beyond Mandated Services


Rob Blake,






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