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NEHA Security Certificate Notice

You are now entering a secure site. For your protection, you will be asked to accept a security certificate. Installing the certificate is optional; however, the message will appear each time you visit the secure site if you choose not to install it.

To install the certificate, please follow the instructions below. It will only take a few moments and you will only need to do this once for each computer you use to access the secure area.


Security Certificate Installation Instructions

  1. When the certificate appears (entitled “Security Alert”), select “View Certificate”.

  2. A Certificate screen will appear. Select “Install Certificate”.

  3. The Certificate Import Wizard appears. Click on “Next” to begin the installation process.

  4. On the following screen (“Certificate Store”), click on “Next”, then “Finish” to continue.

  5. A Security Warning will appear. Click on “Yes” when asked if you wish to install the certificate.

  6. The installation process is complete. Click on “OK” to close the Certificate Import Wizard.

If you choose not to install the certificate, select the “Yes” option when asked if you want to proceed. The CE login screen will then appear. You may continue to the following section.

For more information about security certificates (SSL), please visit VeriSign’s Web site at www.verisign.com.


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