There has always been a need and expectation that NEHA would serve as a voice for environmental health professionals on many policy, regulatory and legislative issues confronting this profession. Information is provided about all of the ways that NEHA works for all environmental health professionals!

With the growth of NEHA and the ever-increasing complexity of environmental health issues, the NEHA Board of Directors made a commitment to establish a Government Affairs program. The program provides a single organizational unit to identify and research issues. In close cooperation with NEHA’s board, the Government Affairs program serves as the mechanism for NEHA to take positions on policy and legislative issues. Furthermore, it establishes and maintains the critical relationships with federal agencies, other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the many coalitions, initiatives and work groups that carry out this important work. 



Show Your Support for Safe and Clean Water

Every American has the right to safe and clean drinking water. Let's take positive steps so that the tragedy that occurred in Flint, MI will not happen again.

Take action by contacting your elected officials to support a new amendment, led by Michigan Democratic Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters.  

NEHA urges all of us to contact our U.S. Senators to support this important amendment to assure that all Americans have safe and clean drinking water.

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