Walter Snyder AwardIn a world where environmental health professionals are often unsung heroes, the NEHA Awards are an opportunity to spotlight and honor accomplishments. 

A. Harry Bliss Editor's Award
Dr. A. Harry Bliss was the Journal editor in 1969, the year this award was first presented. When he retired, the award was named after him to honor his 40 years of involvement in Journal production. The A. Harry Bliss Editor’s Award recognizes outstanding writers, columnists, reviewers, editors, and other contributors that advance the cause and interests of the association and the environmental health profession through the Journal.


Certificates of Merit
Each affiliate in good standing is invited to designate one of its members and/or a team to receive a Certificate of Merit from NEHA, thereby nationally recognizing one of their own for outstanding contributions to the environmental health profession. Each affiliate may nominate a single individual if the affiliate president is an active NEHA member. Recipients are announced during the AEC awards program and in the Journal of Environmental Health. This opportunity for special recognition of several of your members on a national level is one of the benefits of your affiliation with NEHA.


Crumbine Award
The Samuel J. Crumbine Consumer Protection Award is a prestigious award given annually to local environmental health jurisdictions that demonstrate unsurpassed achievement in providing outstanding food protection services to their communities. The purpose of the award is to encourage innovative programs and methods that reduce or eliminate the occurrence of foodborne illnesses, recognize the importance of food protection at the local level and stimulate public interest in foodservice sanitation. Often, winning programs offer "best practices" that may be used by others to advance their own food protection programs. 


Healthy Homes Award from HUDHUD Secretary's Award for Healthy Homes
These awards will recognize excellence in making indoor environments healthier through healthy homes research, education, and through program delivery, especially in diverse, low to moderate income communities in three categories: Public and Multifamily Housing; Policy, Education, and Research Innovation; and Cross Program Coordination.


Joe Beck Educational Contribution Award
This award is available on an annual basis to recognize a NEHA member or team of NEHA members in good standing for an educational contribution designed for the advancement and professional development of environmental health professionals through instruction or development of an educational or training tool.


Past Presidents Award
Each year, NEHA’s Past Presidents get together and identify a hero for the profession who accomplishes much on behalf of environmental health but who does a lot of their work behind the scenes.


Walter F. Snyder Award
The Walter F. Snyder Award for Achievement in Attaining Environmental Quality is presented annually by NSF International and NEHA. 


Walter S. Mangold 2014 Winner: Welford RobertsWalter S. Mangold Award
The Walter S. Mangold Award, which was established in 1955, was first awarded to Walter Mangold in 1956 for his lifetime dedication to upgrading the professional education and performance of sanitarians, for raising the standards of the environmental health practitioner and professionalizing the individual, and for innovating his many brilliant programs that helped shape the environmental health profession throughout the world. Now, more than 55 years later, the Mangold Award continues to recognize individuals for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the environmental health professional.

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