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NEHA/UL Sabbatical Exchange Program

Study environmental health on the international level through the NEHA/UL Sabbatical Program!


There are no borders to environmental health. What concerns one country concerns all others; what affects one people affects the world. That's why NEHA and UL are proud to present an opportunity for a NEHA member to spend a two-to-four-week sabbatical in an IFEH member country, observing, questioning and sharing environmental health practices and information.


Administered by the National Environmental Health Association, this sabbatical is sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).


The award is given annually, for either a two-week, or a four-week sabbatical. The four-week sabbatical stipend is $4000, plus round trip airfare up to $1000. Stipends are adjusted accordingly for a two-week sabbatical, which is the minimum to be taken. A commemorative plaque is also awarded.



  • Applicant must be a NEHA member at the time of application and while on the sabbatical.

  • Applicant must complete an application (available from NEHA) and include a 2000-word essay on the specific area to be studied.

  • The sabbatical must be completed within one year of the award presentation.

  • Sabbatical winner must present a report to NEHA within three months of the completion of the sabbatical. The report will be shared with UL.

  • The application deadline for the sabbatical is March 1.


Any publication resulting from a sabbatical will include identity of the sabbatical winner, NEHA, and UL.

The decision of the selection committee is final.  For more information, please contact Terry Osner at


How to Apply
Please click here for the Sabbatical Exchange Award application and instructions.


Sabbatical Exchange Award Winners

2015 Michael A. Pascucilla, M.P.H., REHS
2014 Lydia Zweimiller
Alexandria Health Department
Alexandria, VA
2013 Charles Hart, PhD, CIH, CSP, RS
Kent State University, College of Public Health
Kent, Ohio
Sabbatical Report (PDF)

Dhitinut Ratnapradipa, PhD
Department of Health Education and Recreation
Southern Illinois University
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


Julia N. Campbell
The Georgia Department of Public Health
Atlanta, GA
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


Doug Farquhar
National Conference of State Legislatures
Denver, Colorado
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


Marcy Barnett
Emergency Preparedness Liaison
California Department of Public Health
Sacramento, California
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


M.L. Tanner, DHEC
Bureau of Environmental Health
Division of General Sanitation
Columbia, South Carolina
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


Dixie Fullerton
Environmental Health Specialist
Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health
Mason City, Iowa (England)
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


No Award Given


Michele Morrone
Ph.D., R.S. Associate Professor
Environmental Health Science
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio (Canada)
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


Troy L. Ritter, REHS
Environmental Health Specialist
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Anchorage, Alaska



Sara Forsting
Center for Public Health Preparedness
DeKalb County Board of Health
Decatur, Georgia (Canada)
Sabbatical Report (PDF)

Dr. R. Steven Konkel
Associate Professor
Program Coordinator
Graduate Program – Environmental Health Services
Eastern Kentucky University (England)
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


No Award Given


J. Shannon Swann
Park Sanitarian
Lake Mead National Recreation Area
National Park Service
Lake Mead, Nevada


Rick Miklich
Food Program Manager
Snohomish Health District
Everett, Washington
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


Martha Patnoad
Associate Professor and Food Safety Education Specialist
Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition
University of Rhode Island


Larry Yates
Chief of Environmental Health
Loudon Dept. of Health
Leesburg, Virginia


Darryl B. Barnett, Dr. P.H.
Chair, Dept. of Environmental Health Services
Eastern Kentucky University
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


Brian Bennion
Bureau Manager
Salt Lake Valley Health Dept.
Salt Lake City, Utah


Mia Zmud
NuStats International
Austin, Texas


Dave Robbins
Flagstaff, Arizona


Chuck Hart
Environmental Safety Coordinator
Dept. of Environmental Health & Safety
Ohio University
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


Gary Coleman
Underwriters Laboratories
Food Safety Program
Apex, North Carolina
Sabbatical Report (PDF)


Enrico Baroga
Olympia, Washington



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