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NEHA General Election 2014 – Results



Elections are a critical part of the democratic process and are one way that provides members a voice in the running of their organization. National officers of NEHA’s board of directors serve a one-year term in each officer position—progressing from second vice president to board president and then immediate past president—for a total of five years.  Regional vice presidents serve a three-year term. NEHA voting members have an opportunity to vote for candidates of a contested board of director’s office.

For the 2014 NEHA general election, the results are as follows: 

Regional Vice Presidents

The terms of three regional vice presidents (RVP) expired in 2014:


  • Region 1—Vacant      

  • Region 5—RVP Sandra Long

  • Region 7—RVP John Steward

There was a single candidate for the Region 1 vacancy. There were no opposing candidates to RVP Long. RVP Steward vacated his Region 7 vice president position to seek the second vice president position and there was a single candidate for that position. Board policy does not require an election if candidates are unopposed. The vice presidents for the three regions are:

  • Region 1—Ned C. Therien (Term expires 2017.)

  • Region 5—Sandra Long (Term expires 2017.)       

  • Region 7—Tim Hatch (Term expires 2017.)


Second Vice President

There were four qualified candidates for the second vice president position:

  • Stan Hazan

  • Adam London

  • Gary P. Noonan

  • John Steward


Eligible voters were encouraged to vote during the month of March. The deadline to vote was March 31, 2014, at 11:59 p.m. (MDT). 


Voters elected Adam London as the second vice president. Adam London will become the second vice president at the closing of NEHA’s 2014 Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas, NV. Adam London’s ascension to this position leaves a vice president vacancy in Region 6. This position will be filled in accordance to NEHA board policy. Qualified individuals interested in being considered for this position should contact Terry Osner at





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