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NEHA General Election 2012 – Overview

This year’s election might be known as the race that never happened!

Regional Vice Presidents

The terms of three Regional Vice Presidents expired in 2012:

  • Region 2 – RVP David Ludwig
  • Region 3 – RVP Roy Kroeger
  • Region 8 – RVP Bob Custard

There were no opposing candidates to either RVP Ludwig or RVP Kroeger, and per Board policy, both retained their respective positions on the Board.

Bob Custard vacated his Region 8 Vice President position to seek the 2nd Vice President position. There were no candidates for the Region 8 Vice President position, and it is now vacant. The Board will fill this position in accordance with existing Board policies.

Second Vice President

Bob Custard was the only candidate for this position and will become the 2nd Vice President at the 2012 AEC.

Election Results


  • Region 2 Vice President David Ludwig (Term expires 2015)
  • Region 3 Vice President Roy Kroeger (Term expires 2015)
  • Second Vice President – Bob Custard

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