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NEHA Staff Directory


Customer Service inquiries: (866) 956-2258 ext. 300 or

Rance Baker

Rance Baker
Program Administrator, Entrepreneurial Zone (EZ)
ext. 306

Dawn Parks

Dawn Jordan
Customer Service Manager / HR Liaison
ext. 312

Trisha Bramwell

Trisha Bramwell
CSR Specialist 
ext. 336

Erik Kosnar
Learning Content Production Assistant
Ext. 318

Ginny Coyle

Ginny Coyle
Project Coordinator
ext. 346

Elizabeth Landeen

Elizabeth Landeen
Assistant Manager,
Research & Development
(702) 802-3924

Vanessa DeArman Vanessa DeArman
Project Coordinator, Research & Development
ext. 311

Matt Lieber
Marketing and Communications Assistant
ext. 338

Cindy Dimmitt

Cindy Dimmitt
Receptionist/CSR Specialist
ext. 300

Marissa Mills Marissa Mills
Project Assistant,
Research & Development
ext. 304

Elizabeth Donoghue-Armstrong

Elizabeth Donoghue-Armstrong
Journal Copy Editor

Eileen Neison
Credentialing Customer Service Representative

ext. 310

Dr. David Dyjack
Executive Director

ext. 301
Carol Newlin

Carol Newlin
Credentialing Specialist

ext. 337

Eric Fife

Eric Fife
Learning Content Producer
ext. 344

Terry Osner

Terry Osner
Board & Affiliate Liaison
ext. 302

Soni Fink
Strategic Sales Coordinator
ext. 314

Barry Porter

Barry Porter
Financial Coordinator

ext. 308

Laura Brister

Laura Gallaher
Interim Education
ext. 309

Kristen Ruby

Kristen Ruby-Cisneros
Editor, Journal of Environmental Health
ext. 341

Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher
IFSS Logistics and Training Coordinator

Entrepreneurial Zone (EZ)
ext. 343

Joshua Schrader
EZ Sales & Training Support
Entrepreneurial Zone (EZ)
ext. 340

TJay Gerber
Credentialing Coordinator
ext. 328

Clare Sinacori
Marketing and Communications Manager
ext. 319

Arwa Hurley
Website and Digital Media Specialist
ext. 327

Christl Tate

Christl Tate
Water Resources Project Coordinator, Research & Development
ext. 305


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