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Board Positions

Board of Directors Adopted Positions

One of the National Environmental Health Association's (NEHA's) responsibilities is to speak up on issues of concern to our members, and one way of doing this involves NEHA's Board of Directors adopting specific positions. By publishing these positions, we strive to keep you informed about where we stand as an association on issues critical to environmental health. If you and/or your colleagues have the opportunity to advance any of these positions, we encourage you to do so.



Is there a legislative or public policy issue  that you believe is important for NEHA to explore?

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Legislative Positions

The number of legislative issues currently before Congress that have a direct and substantial effect on environmental and public health is unprecedented.  To better serve the environmental health professions that NEHA represents, we have developed a capability to identify and track this type of legislation.  Ultimately, the goal is to provide the membership with a voice on these important issues.  This section details those instances where NEHA, through our elected Board of Directors, have selected key pieces of legislation for research and analysis.  This process enables NEHA to make an assessment on a particular piece of legislation.  A position based upon this analysis is then developed, consistent with the views of the NEHA membership.  This enables NEHA to communicate support or opposition to legislation before the Congress.  The following is a list of these legislative positions:


For more information about NEHA's efforts to advocate for environmental health professionals, please contact Larry Marcum.


Government Affairs  Initiatives  Coalitions  Sign-ons


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