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Children's Environmental Health

Through a grant from the Dow Chemical Company Foundation, Charles Lichon, R.S., M.P.H., Michigan Environmental Health Specialist, created several PowerPoint presentations covering topics in children’s environmental health that are now available. These presentations cover topics pertinent to children’s environmental health, such as body art, food, recreational water, methamphetamines, and safe sun exposure. Health professionals and educators can utilize these presentations for junior or high school student trainings, or they can be customized for community outreach programs. The presentations are concise—designed to be presented in a 25–35 minute time frame—and allow for sufficient time for questions and answers in a single class or training session. 

Further programs will be developed to add to the current group of informative health presentations. No major editing of the intent or content of these presentations is allowed without the written permission of the author and/or the NEHA Executive Director. Further additions to or editing of this program are the exclusive rights of Chuck Lichon (author), or in his absence, an appointed person/committee by the NEHA Executive Director and/or Board of Directors. 

Free Children’s EH Presentations


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