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Certified in Comprehensive Food Safety (CCFS) Credential: Ensuring Food Safety from Farm to Fork  

Professional Advancement  

How Does the CCFS Help My Professional Advancement?

The CCFS credential can be utilized by anyone wanting to pursue a growth path in the food safety sector, whether in a regulatory/oversight role or in a food safety management or compliance position within the private sector. The CCFS credential is a mark of distinction and is a step in the doorway for those wishing to enter the food safety field, and is an expansion credential for those with current food safety credentials that are wishing to demonstrate expertise in the manufacturing and processing areas.

How is CCFS different from the Certified Professional-Food Safety (CP-FS) Credential?

The CCFS focuses on food safety throughout the entire continuum from farm to fork including agriculture and the processing and manufacturing sectors, while the CP-FS has a heavier focus on food safety within the retail food environment. Eligibility requirements to obtain the CCFS credential are also different than the eligibility requirements for the CP-FS credential. View CP-FS eligibility requirements.

Other NEHA Food Safety Credentials and Certifications

The National Environmental Health Association offers a number of food safety credentials and certifications for your professional advancement.

  • Certified Professional of Food Safety (CP-FS) Credential

  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Manager Certification

  • Coming soon: NEHA is developing a credential targeted for third party auditors and consultants

For more information on these credentials and certifications, visit


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