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Certified in Comprehensive Food Safety (CCFS) Credential:
Ensuring Food Safety from Farm to Fork

What is a CCFS Credential?

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has recast the food safety landscape, including the role of the food safety professional. To position this field for the future, the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) is proud to announce its newest credential—Certified in Comprehensive Food Safety (CCFS). An individual that earns the CCFS credential will demonstrate expertise in how to assure food is safe for consumers throughout the entire food supply chain from farm to fork.

The CCFS is an entry- to mid-level core credential for food safety professionals. It tests the core body of knowledge needed regardless of where in the farm to fork continuum a food safety professional chooses to work. A professional that earns this credential will demonstrate expertise in:

  • Evaluating food facilities and equipment

  • Managing the food flow

  • Preventing food contamination and adulteration

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

  • Managing adverse events

  • Managing food defense

  • Managing the sample collection process

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