Vectors and Pest Control

Managing Canada Geese & Pigeons Webinar

The Environmental Protection Agency will host a webinar on the integrated approaches to managing Canada geese and nuisance pigeons.

Dr. Paul Curtis, coordinator of the Wildlife Damage Management Program, at Cornell University Cooperative Extension will describe environmental issues, habits and habitats associated with geese in urban and suburban areas, as well as, a multitude of integrated solutions to control them. 

Pesticide Resistance Testing for Mosquito Mgmt Webinar

The Environmental Protection Agency is hosting a webinar about how pesticide resistance testing can assist your local health department or mosquito control district make mosquito management decisions and improve abatement success. 

Dr. Janet McAllister, Research Entomologist with CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases will discuss the etiology of mosquito pesticide resistance, what pesticide resistance means to your mosquito abatement program, and ways to test for pesticide resistance mosquitoes. 

NEHA Vector Committee


To be a resource for environmental health professionals and NEHA leadership dedicated to developing resources and programs, fostering improved vector control programs to protect public health.


NEHA’s Vector Committee is comprised of experts working in partnership to provide outcomes in the following priority areas:

  • Identification and recommendations related to resource gaps, needs of the profession, and emerging issues.
  • Identification of best practices, successes and challenges for environmental health professionals in vector programs.
  • Guidance, input and participation in the development of vector resources and projects.
  • Promotion and dissemination of NEHA related-related and committee developed materials and resources.


NEHA's Vector Committee is comprised of local, state, federal and industry professionals with environmental health and data expertise.

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Enhancing Environmental Health Knowledge (EEK): Vectors and Public Health Pests Virtual Conference

The EEK Virtual Conference is designed to enhance the knowledge of environmental health professionals to help them respond to events of public health concern as well as bring professionals together in a unique virtual environment for the purpose of exchanging information and discovering new solutions to issues in vectors and public health pests. 

Dates: May 15-16, 2018

Cost of Attendance: Free

The deadline for abstract submissions is March 21st, 2018.