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Environmental Health Supervisor (Entomologist)
Fairfax County Health Department
Fairfax, VA

Date Posted: June 19, 2013
Application Deadline: June 28, 2013
Salary: $62,816 - $83,755/year
No. Hours/Week: Full-time



Supervises the DEH's Disease Carrying Insects Program (DCIP). As a technical expert, plans, coordinates and administers the day-to-day operations of the DCIP, including educational outreach, arthropod vector surveillance and control. Develops and implements administrative policies and guidelines for the DCIP that incorporates federal, state and local vector control response plans. Evaluates and monitors DCIP contracts specific to surveillance and management of program activities. Assists in the preparation of the program budget. Plans community outreach and education activities; produces informational materials and makes presentations to citizen groups and the media. Serves as Fairfax County's technical expert on environmental health and public health issues related to vector control, evaluating contractor work and explaining issues to citizens and the media. Coordinates program activities with local, state and federal agencies. Represents Fairfax County in regional and state associations/groups.


Any combination of education, experience, and training equivalent to graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a bachelor's degree in environmental health or a bachelor's degree with at least 30 semester hours of course work in the physical or biological sciences; plus four years of experience in the environmental health field, at or above a level equivalent to Environmental Health Specialist II.



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