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Clare Sinacori, 303-756-9090 ext. 319
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National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)


NEHA Announces Passing Score for New REHS/RS Exam


The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) will be unveiling the new version of its REHS/RS examination on July 13, 2014, at the 78th Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition.

Recently, NEHA worked with Professional Testing Inc. (PTI) and a group of subject matter experts to determine the new passing score for the revised exam.

From that meeting, the following was determined:

  • In an effort to standardize the score reporting process across all of NEHA’s examination programs NEHA has decided to implement scaled scoring.  Therefore, in the near future, all NEHA examinations will have a standard passing score of 650 no matter the examination program or form.
  • Beginning July 13, 2014, the NEHA REHS/RS examination will report scores using scaled scores that range from 0 to 900 with a passing score of 650.  The raw passing score is mathematically transformed so that the passing scaled score equals 650.  This process is similar to the way one adjusts Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales. While the values may differ the temperatures are the same.  For example, water boils at the same temperature regardless of the scaled used.
  • Candidates who pass the examination will earn scaled scores of 650 and above, and those who fail will earn a scaled score between 0 and 649.  A scaled score is NOT a percentage score.  In summary, a scaled score is merely a transformation of a raw score. Scaling is done to report comparable results when forms and raw passing scores vary over time.


The REHS/RS examination consists of a total of 250 multiple-choice questions. The exam is split into two parts of 125 questions each. Candidates are given a total of four (4) hours to complete the entire exam or two (2) hours for each part with a short 15-minute break in between.  Of the 250 items, 225 will be scored. The remaining 25 questions will be unscored, pilot questions. Those items will not be called out within the exam.

For more information, please contact the Credentialing Department at 303-756-9090, ext. 317 or

Thank you.

National Environmental Health Association
Credentialing Department




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