Recommended Study References

Below is a list of study references that are recommended to assist the candidate in preparing for the CIOWTS examination.


1.   Installation of Wastewater Treatment Systems, CIDWT – available for purchase through NEHA’s Bookstore.   *Recommended reference

2.   U.S. EPA Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Manual 

3.   Residential Building Design & Construction. Jack Willenbrock, Harvey Manbeck, and Michael Suchar, (1998) Prentice-Hall.

4.   Septic System Checkup: The Rhode Island Handbook for Inspection and Inspection Report Forms 

5.   Small and DeCentralized Wastewater Management Systems. Crites & Tchobanoglous. (1998) McGraw-Hill.

6.   Wells and Septic Systems, 2nd Edition. Max & Charlotte Alth, Revised by S. Blackwell Duncan, (1992) TAB Books.

7.   Plumber’s Handbook Revised Edition. Howard Massey (1978).

8.   OSHA Guidelines

9.   Plumber’s Guidelines

10. Glossary of Terms by CIDWT