Food Safety

Food-related diseases affect tens of millions of people and kill thousands each year. A foodborne illness is caused by eating or drinking a contaminated food or beverage. NEHA’s Food Safety programs are dedicated to educating food safety and environmental health professionals.  Through the varied food safety related resources available through NEHA, we aim to help inform, educate and improve preparedness, response, and prevention of foodborne diseases within both the regulatory and industry workforce.  These programs include the following:

  • Learning materials and opportunities for local and state food safety and environmental health professionals, school lunch programs, and professional trainers, managers, and employees in the food service industry
  • Food safety related workshops, training opportunities, conferences and events
  • A Food Safety Trainer directory
  • Food related Credentials and Certificates
  • Access to assessments and reports


Food Safety Credentials and Certifications


Food Safety Trainings 


Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana usage is changing regulations in many states, legalizing its use both recreationally and for medicinal purposes. However, these new laws raise questions about the safety of these products, and how should it be regulated and inspected. Watch NEHA's recent webinar, Wonderful World of Edibles...Are They Safe? which occured June 16, 2017.

Watch Marijauna Edibles Webinar


Environmental Health Saves Lives, Saves Money, and Protects Our Future 

Environmental Health professionals ensure our food is safe by educating, inspecting, and investigating facilities throughout the food supply chain, including farms and manufacturers, restaurants, and grocery stores.

NEHA: The Food You Eat Infographic

CIFOR Resources 

The Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response (CIFOR)  has the Guidelines for Foodborne Disease Outbreak Response and CIFOR Industry Guidelines  (for Owners, Operators and Managers of Food Establishments) available for download. 

Learn more about CIFOR Resources


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