Marijuana Edibles

Join NEHA as we explore the Wonderful World of Edibles...Are They Safe?

Marijuana usage is growing in acceptability across the country, with changing regulations in many states, legalizing its use both recreationally and for medicinal purposes.   While these are exciting times for many, they raise questions about the safety of these products, and how should it be regulated and inspected.  Join NEHA for this informative webinar to explore the world of “Edibles.”   Edibles are produced for both medicinal and recreational use, and consumed in communities many local and state food safety agencies serve and protect. 

Speakers include:

Marc A. Nascarella, PhD
Chief Toxicologist, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
The variety of marijuana-containing products that are available for retail sale include dried plant material, resins, oils, and marijuana infused products.  In addition to product formulations that are intended to be heated and inhaled (i.e.., through smoking or vaporization), products are packaged in oral capsules, food products, rectal suppositories, dermal lotions, and under-the-tongue (sublingual) preparations.  Dr. Nascarella’s presentation will describe environmental public health considerations when evaluating these marijuana products for levels of cannabinoids as well as environmental contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial growth.

Marlene Gaither, REHS. MPA, MSEV
Environmental Health Program Manager, Coconino County Public Health Services District
Learn about a recent marijuana edibles recall, and challenges that the regulatory system experienced during this highly-charged food recall. 

Cindy Rice, RS, CP-FS, MSPH in Epidemiology
Food Safety Specialist, President of Eastern Food Safety
Learn about preventive controls and best practices that edible producers can put in place to minimize food safety risks and keep consumers safe, and also aid regulators tasked with enforcing regulations and food safety.


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