National Environmental
Health Association Resolution to

Support a Federal Trade Commission Requirement for Surgeon General Warning Labels on Cigars

Adopted July 1999


Purpose: To make tobacco warnings consistent. Since cigarettes and smokeless tobacco currently have hazard warnings on packaging, it would be appropriate for cigars to carry such a label.


while cigarette smoking has declined since 1993, the number of cigar smokers has increased 50 percent;

this matter has been studied by the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Office on Smoking and Health;

one of the studies involving 18 focus groups of teens reported that more than one-third of the teenagers had smoked a cigar in the past 30 days; and

U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher has supported this initiative;

Therefore, be it resolved that NEHA hereby recommends that the Federal Trade Commission require cigar manufacturers to put a Surgeon General warning label on their products.



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