National Environmental
Health Association Resolution Regarding

Workforce Development

Adopted June 30, 2005


Whereas; The National Environmental Health Association has a long-standing mission of advancement of the environmental health profession. and,

Whereas; It is estimated that up to fifty percent of the current environmental health workforce could retire in the next five to seven years. and,

Whereas; Many individuals within the environmental health workforce becoming eligible for retirement are in leadership positions. and,

Whereas; Initiatives have been started at the federal level, primarily through the CDC, to develop new leadership within the profession. and,

Whereas; It serves the best interest of the profession to develop minimum standards of practice for both entry level positions as well as administrative positions.


Now therefore be it resolved:

NEHA supports and encourages the efforts to develop recruitment tools that enhance student enrollment in a curriculum that prepares them for a career in environmental health. and further,

The Board of Directors (BOD) and the Council of Delegates (COD) of NEHA additionally support the development and maintenance of accredited schools of environmental health in order to properly prepare the environmental health workforce for future challenges in environmental health. and further,

The BOD and COD encourage accredited schools of environmental health to continually evaluate and modify their curriculum to meet the ever-changing conditions within the profession.


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