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All-Hazards Preparedness Program

Environmental health professionals find themselves facing new responsibilities. While their mission has always been to preserve and improve environmental factors for the achievement of optimum health, safety, and well being of the public, the challenges within that mission have expanded to include security and counter-terrorism.

Focus groups, marketing surveys, and needs assessments show that the environmental health workforce is not well prepared to respond to a terrorist attack or other unforeseen disaster. The members of the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) realize they have a key role to insure adequate response and strongly desire training in this area. To this end, NEHA is coordinating with stakeholders most closely allied with environmental health to develop emergency preparedness curricula, training opportunities, and resources for environmental health practitioners across the country. For more information, view NEHA Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness Projects.

NEHA has also compiled useful and relevant resources for the environmental health profession:

For more information on the Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness Program, contact Larry Marcum.

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