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Welcome to NEHA’s first annual report! We have undoubtedly seen great accomplishments

and milestones in the association’s 80-year history. Our vision is to be the most essential

and influential environmental health resource in the country, and increasingly the world.

We are excited about the opportunities that the future holds for environmental health

professionals and for NEHA. We aim to seize every chance to enlighten and educate

others on the important work of this often-invisible profession.

Collectively, local boots on the ground profoundly improve people’s lives daily by

ensuring that communities have clean air, safe food, and potable water. These basic

necessities are what makes environmental health just as relevant and critical today as it

was 80 years ago.

The data, figures, and graphs presented here provide you an “at a glance” perspective on

our progress. We intend to report on many of the same metrics year after year to give you

sense of improvement and direction. Imagine what we can measure, track, and evaluate

for the next 80 years’ achievements!

We would love to hear from you about the format and content. Please email me directly


. Best wishes for 2017.

Dave Dyjack, DrPH, CIH

Executive Director + CEO

David Riggs MS, REHS/RS

Board President