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National Environmental Health Association



the way in food safety

U.S. FDA Food Safety Trainings

As part of NEHA’s cooperative agreement with the FDA, we delivered three live instructor-led

courses and six new online courses for state, local, tribal, and territorial food safety regulators.

NEHA continued it’s leading role on the national retail food safety curriculum, developing eight

courses for FDA in

Inspections and Investigations


Special Processes at Retail Facilities


We collaborated with partners and the FDA in the development of an engaging and inclusive

Adult Learner/Trainer certificate program designed to train, coach, and measure instructors

who teach adult professionals.

Epi-Ready Workshops

NEHA trained 133 participants in this highly collaborative, unconventional workshop, bringing

together professionals in a community with different responsibilities for investigation of

foodborne illness outbreaks who may not otherwise intersect. The workshop uses a team

approach to efficiently and effectively respond to an outbreak by understanding the roles and

responsibilities of the disciplines involved and establishing important, new relationships within

each community.

Food Safe Schools Sessions

NEHA worked together with USDA Food and Nutrition Services (FNS), to educate, train, and

provide resources to environmental health and food safety professionals on school food

safety and provide education

on food allergies, Norovirus prevention and control, and

produce safety.

Manufacturing and Processing Food Safety


Certified in Comprehensive Food Safety (

CCFS) credential continues to grow, 71% in

FY16, and we conducted four live, multi-day virtual trainings for the CCFS.

NEHA credential holders involved in food safety (REHS/RS, CP-FS, CCFS) in public health,

retail, and manufacturing/processing =


Watch this video for a

personal perspective

of a food safety

credential holder.

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