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Page Background Entry to advocacy

For the first time in NEHA’s history, environmental health professionals have a presence

and a voice in our nation’s capital on policy, regulatory, and legislative issues of national

significance. Our message to legislators is that critical issues around food safety, water

quality, disease prevention, air quality, and preparedness require a significant investment

in leading public health agencies across the country and in environmental health

programs, including a well-trained and

credentialed environmental health workforce.

HR 5543-EH w

as introduced in June 2016 and recognizes that:

The environmental health workforce is vital to protecting the health and safety

of the public

Currently in the U.S., only 28 States require a credential for environmental

health workers

Model standards and guidelines for credentialing environmental health workers

are necessary

Educating and training existing and new environmental health professionals

should be a national public health goal

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